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 SWG TCG: Squadrons Over Corellia
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SWG TCG: Squadrons Over Corellia

The first expansion of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, Squadrons Over Corellia , features even more fantastic in-game loot! Read on for a description of just some of the great in-game loot items available in Squadrons Over Corellia booster packs.

Redeeming a Loot Card

Loot cards in the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game are redeemed in the Collection Manager. Right-click on the card and choose Redeem; this will take you to the terms and conditions page. Choose Agree if you want to redeem your loot.

After redeeming your loot card, exit the TCG Client and log in to Star Wars Galaxies. Enter the command /claim in order to bring up your rewards list. You will find your loot on this list. Simply select it and you are ready to go! Remember, claimed loot items in the MMO game cannot be traded between characters or to other players, so be sure to choose carefully the character that uses the /claim command!

The Diner

The diner is a one-of-a-kind structure where the proprietor can show off the best food and drinks on the planet.

When you claim the deed to the diner, you'll also receive a "starter pack" to begin decorating. The inside of the building is completely empty, so you can spruce up this large one-room diner any way you can imagine!

For more tables, booths, and counters, find a Structures Trader in your galaxy. Structures Traders learn five new diner furniture schematics at level 38 when Squadrons Over Corellia launches.

New paintings, like the Rebel Propaganda and Darth Vader paintings shown above, are also part of the loot cards for Squadrons Over Corellia – and perfect for adorning the walls of your very own restaurant.

If you're a trader yourself, be sure to craft a variety of goods in the diner. This structure enhances experimentation for traders while they craft food, buildings, and furniture inside the diner.

The diner takes up one lot, and the diner deed may only be claimed once per character.

Serving Droid Greeter

Every good restaurant needs an excellent host, and the serving droid greeter can give a warm welcome to visitors to your cozy diner, store, or home.

A greeter is a special NPC placed in a structure that welcomes all guests in your structure. Greeters can be used by any profession. In Squadrons Over Corellia, you can receive a special astromech serving droid greeter with a look and demeanor you can customize yourself.

Once you have claimed your item, the Employment Contract Terminal appears in your inventory. Use the radial menu and choose Drop to place the terminal in your home; the terminal can be moved and adjusted to your liking.

Use the radial menu and select Place Greeter. You'll be asked to select your newly hired greeter's name, similar to vendor naming. Enter your desired name and click OK.

The astromech greeter is then placed where you are standing, so be sure to select the perfect spot before choosing the greeter's name! The greeter cannot be moved or rotated. Use the radial menu on the greeter and select Recover Greeter if you wish to pick up the serving droid and place it again.

Use the radial menu on the serving droid and select Activate Greeter under Greeter Controls to continue setting up your astromech. Once the greeter is activated, you will see new options in the Greeter Controls > Customize Greeter radial menu to set up a variety of preferences.

You can choose the droid's sounds, color, set a random greeting, modify the greeting delay, and more in this menu. Mix and match your options to get your serving droid just right. A red astromech in a grumpy mood? A blue astromech eager to please? Or maybe you'd like to be surprised each time? Use the Customize Greeter window to set up your serving droid greeter just right.


The diner isn't the only new building in Squadrons Over Corellia ! Beast Masters and pet lovers will love to set up shop in the new barn. Owners can store up to forty incubated beasts in this new structure.

Like the diner, the interior of this two room building is completely empty, waiting for your creative juices (and your beasts) to run wild. The barn comes fully equipped with a ranch hand, a special NPC who offers special services for you and your beast.

The ranch hand offers to store up to forty beasts in the barn, removing them from the owner's datapad. Speak to the ranch hand and choose Store Beast. A new window opens, showing all of the beasts in your datapad that can be stored. Select the beast in the list you would like stored in the barn and removed from your datapad.

To retrieve your beast later, talk to the ranch hand again to inform that you'd like to reclaim a beast.

The ranch hand also gives you a choice to allow the stored beasts to roam the interior of your new barn! Speak to the trusty ranch hand and let him know that you'd like to have some of your beasts roam around the large room. Select the beast from the window that displays. You can also choose to store your beasts again later in the same window.

The barn takes up one lot, and the barn deed may only be claimed once per character.

Mandalorian Strongbox

Other loot card items in Squadrons Over Corellia can buff you, reward experience, or grant a collection item. The Mandalorian Strongbox grants a 30% increase on all experience points earn in one hour.

If you are level 90, you can still put the strongbox to good use! Rather than adding to your current experience points, use the radial menu on the strongbox to earn a collection item. The collection item is completely random, so it could be one that you've already consumed, but you can trade it to your friends.

Are you a decorator at heart? You can even use the strongbox for the Mandalorian-themed room in your home! This loot item has many uses for all types of players.

Monthly Booster Packs

Don't forget, all Star Wars Galaxies subscribers with valid, active, fully-paid accounts in good standing receive five booster packs per month at no additional cost, providing a simple way for you to quickly and easily build your deck.* Booster packs can also help you to customize your deck, increase your skill level, and discover new ways to defeat your opponents in battle!

When you first log into the Trading Card Game and receive your initial five packs, this marks your "anniversary date." You will continue to receive your additional packs on that day of the month each successive month that you remain a current subscriber with a paid account in good standing.

*Terms and conditions apply; see the official web site for details.

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